» 2012 Competition «

October 14- 21, 2012
San Antonio Texas
United States of America
Application Postmark Deadline

March 1, 2012

The competition is open to pianists of all
nationalities between the ages of 20 and 32 as of October 14, 2012. Former Gold Medal winners of SAIPC are not eligible. Click here for complete eligibility requirements.


  • Santiago Rodriguez, chair
  • Lita Guerra
  • Boris Slutsky
  • Jeffrey Swann
  • Ilana Vered

Audition Judges

  • Eduardo Delgado, chair
  • Gustavo Romero
  • Rick Rowley

Commissioned Composer
Paul Moravec


Gold Medal
Performance with the San Antonio Symphony

Solo recital performance at Music from St. Marks concert series
A week of chamber music concerts with Cactus Pear Music Festival
Performance opportunity with Fredericksburg Music Club


Silver Medal
Solo recital performance at The Arts at Coker concert series


Bronze Medal

Two non-medalist finalists

Three Semi-Finalists

Four Preliminary Round Special Recognition

Best performance of the Commissioned Work | $1,500
Best Performance of a Baroque Work | $1,500
Best Performance of a Classical Work | $1,500
Best Performance of a Romantic Work | $1,500
Best Performance of a Work by a Latin American or Spanish Composer | $1,500
Best Performance of a 20th or 21st-century Work | $1,500
Best Performance of a Russian Work | $1,500

Additional prizes may be added by SAIPC up to August 1, 2012.

» Overview of Competition «


Sunday, October 14, through Sunday, October 21, 2012


San Antonio, Texas, United States of America

Selection for competition

An acknowledgement will be sent to each applicant upon receipt of his or her application. A panel comprised of three Audition Judges will listen to all recordings submitted by the applicants, and will select twelve Competitors to attend the Competition. The Audition Judges will also name six applicants to serve as Alternates.

Repertoire requirements

Competitors will be required to perform by memory a wide variety of repertoire from varying musical styles. Each round will feature competition in musical styles or periods that are specific to that round. Programs will be approved in advance by the SAIPC Artistic Committee. Click here for detailed repertoire requirements.

Competition Rounds

The Competition will consist of three rounds. All twelve Competitors chosen by the Audition Judges will participate in the first round, called the Preliminary Round. From the twelve Competitors, eight will be chosen to continue to the Semifinal Round. From those eight, five Competitors will be selected to participate in the Final Round. Three medalists will be chosen from among the Finalists. Click here for complete information.

Best Performance Awards

Each Competitor is eligible for any Best Performance Award offered during any round in which he or she participates. The Best Performance Awards offered during a given round will be announced at the conclusion of the round. A Competitor is eligible to receive a Best Performance Award even if she or he is not selected to continue to the next round of Competition. Winners of Best Performance Awards will perform at the Winners Recital.

Commissioned Work

SAIPC has commissioned Paul Moravec to compose a four to six minute work for the Competition, which will be given its world premiere during the Final Round. The score for the Commissioned Work will be sent to each of the twelve Competitors no later than July 15, 2012. The Commissioned Work will be performed by each of the five Finalists. At the end of the Final Round, Paul Moravec will choose and announce the winner of Best Performance of the Commissioned Work. The winner will perform the Commissioned Work at the Winners Recital.


Each round will be judged by a Jury comprised of five Competition Judges. The Jury will determine (1) which Competitors will advance to the next round; (2) winners of the Best Performance Awards (other than for the Commissioned Work), and (3) medal winners of the Competition.

Winners Recital

The three medal winners, as well as all recipients of Best Performance Awards, will perform at the Winners Recital, to be held on the afternoon of Sunday, October 21, 2012.

Competition Piano

Steinway and Yamaha pianos will be provided for the Competition. Each Competitor will have a designated time for piano selection and rehearsal in the Competition concert hall both prior to the Preliminary Round, and again prior to the Final Round.

Transportation and Accommodations

All transportation to and from San Antonio will be the responsibility of the Competitor. Lodging for the Competitor will be arranged with a host family, who will also provide the Competitor with food, local transportation, and use of a grand piano.


Important Dates

March 1 Postmark deadline for Competitor to mail Application Packet to SAIPC
June 1 Results of Audition Round emailed to applicants (followed up by formal letter)
Questionnaire and additional information mailed to twelve Competitors and six Alternates
July 15 Commissioned work mailed to twelve Competitors and six Alternates
August 15 Postmark deadline for return of Questionnaire, photo, and biography (Passport also due if not sent previously)Deadline for submission of Competition repertoire
September 15 Deadline for informing SAIPC of any changes to repertoire



Competition Week

Sunday, Oct. 14 Competitors arrive in San Antonio
Opening celebration
Drawing for performance order
Monday, Oct. 15 Piano selection and rehearsal time for Preliminary Round Competitors
(approximately 45 minutes for each Competitor)
Tuesday, Oct. 16 Preliminary Round begins
Wednesday, Oct. 17 Preliminary Round concludes
Jury announces Semifinalists
Jury announces Best Performance Awards:
Best Performance of a Work by a Baroque Composer
Best Performance of a Work by a Romantic Composer
Thursday, Oct. 18 Semifinal Round
Jury announces Finalists
Jury announces Best Performance Awards:
Best Performance of a Work by a Classical Composer
Best Performance of a Work by a Latin American or Spanish Composer
Friday, Oct. 19 Piano selection and rehearsal time for Final Round
Competitors (approximately one hour for each Finalist)
Saturday, Oct. 20 Final Round
Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal Winners announced
Best Performance of Commissioned Work announced
Best Performance of 20th or 21st Century Work announced
Best Performance of Russian Work announced
Sunday, Oct. 21 Winners Recital and presentation of awards